An intuitive ordering system for the food service industry.


Taking customer orders and reliably delivering on them is hard. When an order is made you are making a promise to the customer that their request will be carried out to their specifications and delivered within the estimated time. If any part of the order is delivered outside of spec or the delivery window the promise will be broken, contributing to a negative experience for the customer.

Mercury is my solution to the flaws which I observed in the process of creating and tracking customer orders while working in the food service industry. The goal of this project is to provide a comprehensive solution, beginning with taking a customer's order and ending at the point of sale, that would mitigate confusion and minimize human error for customers and staff alike while providing the business with detailed information on wasted product, customer wait time, and sales. While the examples provided here are specific to a hypothetical pizza shop, the concept can be applied to a range of products and services.


The Orders view provides information on the day's currently active and completed orders. Each order shows the customer name, items ordered, and unique color specific to that order. For orders that have yet to be completed, a countdown timer is shown indicating how much time is remaining of the estimated wait time.

Orders view

Adding Orders

Adding an order is quick and affords little margin for error with one touch item adding from the "standards" selection. Customers can create their own custom pizza with a variety of options to choose from. There is also an additional "Notes" field should the customer make additional requests like cooking a pizza "well done" or adding extra onions.

Add Order
Custom Order


Mercury tracks detailed information on each of the orders placed. The Statistics view is where that information is reported clearly and in meaningful ways. All of the data gathered by Mercury can be exported and stored in an external database at the owners discretion.

Statistics view

Item Sticker

When an order is marked complete, a sticker for each item in the order is printed. Item stickers contain all of the essential information pertaining to the items and their order:

  1. Two UPCs to easily access from top or side
  2. Customer name
  3. Order number
  4. Item name
  5. Notes
  6. Item price
  7. Number of pieces in order
  8. A unique color for the order that allows customers to easily identify and differentiate their orders when picking up.
Sticker detail

Stickers In Use

Stickers are placed on the edge of the pizza box sealing it closed and allow the information to be visible even when multiple boxes are stacked upon each other.

Sticker on pizza box
Sticker on pizza box detail